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Scuba divers.

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Q: Who would use the scuba gear?
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What scuba gear do you use?


What tools do limnologist use?

Scuba gear

How do you use the word scuba in a sentence?

While scuba is an acronym, it is no longer necessary to capitalize every letter of the word.I would like to upgrade my scuba gear.

What is the gear divers use?


Where do you use the scuba gear on poptropica?

You use it on Big Nate Island by the lighthouse.

How much does scuba gear weigh?

Different scuba gear types weigh different amounts. The oxygen tank is the heavy part of the scuba diving gear.

Why do people use scuba gear?

So they stay alive underwater

Which area of the US would best be to sell scuba gear?

The best area to sell scuba gear in the USA is to set up scuba gear shops in areas near bays and oceans. This could mean on the USA's three major coastlines and also the many large lakes that exist in so many places in the US. The Great Lakes is an excellent place to sell scuba gear.

Why use a bathyscaph rather than scuba gear to study vents in the Pacific Ridge?

depth. going below 150 feet in scuba gear is extreamly hazardous to your health.

How was scuba gear developed?

Scuba was invented by the navy.

How can you explore coral reefs while still protecting them?

Use a sub.,scuba gear, or a camera.

Did you use scuba gear in the Vietnam War?

I did not myself, but friends of mine did. SCUBA equipment had been around for many years, and was used by Navy personnel from time to time.

What colors are available for scuba gear?

Scuba gear comes in many different colors. Most scuba suites are black but they do make them in other colors some women like pink. You can get your mask and fins in a variety of colors from blue to yellow to red. Scuba gear has come along way and offers multiple choices.

What kind of tools would underwater scientist use?

Scientists usually use scuba gear to explore underwater like goggles, air tanks and a wet suit. They use submarines to go where there is very high pressure.

What tools do marine biologists use everyday?

scuba gear and other materials dummy.

Do you need to be scuba certified to be able to purchase scuba gear or a tank?

As far as I know, No you do not.

How do you put on scuba diving gear?

By going to your local PADI Dive Center and doing you Open Water SCUBA Diver course. You will learn to set up, put on and use all the gear effectively and safely in as little as 3 days

where can I buy scuba diving gear?

At leisure pro you can buy some scuba gear. I haven't bought any scuba gear but it looks cheap compared to other sites. Leisure pro is an online shop so you don't even have to go to the store to get it!

What types of tools do marine biologists use besides scuba gear?

they use microscopes- for small organism that can't be seen with the naked eye

Where can one find scuba diving cameras?

Many scuba stores sell scuba diving cameras. Check a scuba gear stores in your area. This will allow you to compare cameras and get advise from fellow scuba divers.

How heavy is scuba gear?

Very heavy

Where is scuba diving gear used?


Can you rent scuba equipment without copy of certification card?

If you are not certified No you cannot rent scuba gear

Where can scuba gear b e used?

Scuba gear can be used under water. This can be in oceans, lakes, rivers and even swimming pools. Scuba gear is used to dive on sunken ships, or to search for survivors and/or bodies in water involved crash sites. It is used to dive on coral reef in marine biology research.

Which airline can i fly from Bangkok to Birmingham UK that allows me to carry scuba diving gear for free?

the better question would be WHY would you want to go SCUBA diving in Birmingham UK? it's over 100 miles to the nearest 'ocean'????