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Mayweather by decision or Pacquiao by ko.

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Q: Who would fight between mayweather and paquiao?
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Who would win the fight between Mayweather and Paquiao?

Mayweather... Is to big to smart and his skill level his to much for Paquiao. Paquiao is super fast but his balance will put him in the danger zone... mayweather in 12 rounds 117-113.

Experts say on pacquiao mayweather fight?

Experts say mayweather would out-box pacquiao

Who would win in a fight mayweather or sugar ray?

It would be a good fight but Mayweather for sure. Punches like lightening lol Sugar ray naturaly bigger lighting quick lots of combinations.

Who won the boxing match between Floyd mayweather and marquis?

Money Mayweather won it on points. Sorry for the lateness of this answer as you would know the result by not.

Who would win in a boxing fight mayweather or el canelo?

I Think that "El Canelo" would win that fight here is why i know that canelo can do it plus he will be and in my mind he already is the best pound for pound boxer in boxing he will beat mayweather be cause el canelo is fast,i love his countering punches,i loves his speed and i know canelo can knock out cold mayweather

Who would win in a fight floyd mayweather or mike tyson?

Mike Tyson would win with ease not even a fight when mike was in his prime no one could beat him he is and was the best.

Who would win in a fight Floyd mayweather or mohammed ali?

They wouldn't be able to fight because Muhammad ali is a heavyweight and Floyd is a super featherweight-welterweight.

Mayweather vs pacquiao?

It would be an exciting fight because mayweather is a good counter puncher and pacquiao has 5-6 combination round bursts. Mayweather has never been under that kind of pressure before for twelve straight round but it either going to be a Floyd mayweather UD of pacquiao KO if it does happen.

Who would win between maywether and hatton?

Mayweather already beat Hatton by K.O.

Would Mayweather win in a UFC fight?

He would certainly have a puncher's chance! Most sane mma fighters would just clinch him or take him down for an easy submission though.

How much can Floyd Mayweather bench?

Floyd Mayweather would probably bench press around 250.

How much can Floyd Mayweather bench press?

Floyd Mayweather would probably bench press around 250.

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