Who would Babe Ruth like to see?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Probably anyone...Ruth has been dead for quite some time now.

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Q: Who would Babe Ruth like to see?
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What does Babe Ruth's autograph look like?

See Related Links below for a sample of Babe Ruth's autograph.

What does Babe Ruth look like?

See Related Links below for a sample of Babe Ruth's autograph.

Do you have a colored picture of Babe Ruth?

Click on the 'Babe Ruth Photos' link below to go to the Babe Ruth website and see photos of him.

Was Babe Ruth black or white?

Babe Ruth was Caucasian. See the link for more information and photos.

Was Babe Ruth drunk when up to bat?

well you see here babe ruth always had a baseball shoved up his catchers hit and never came around to be drunk

Where can you go see one of Babe Ruth's game baseballs?

Cooperstown NY

Did babe Ruth say if you can see a hummingbirds wings you can hit any pitch?


What position did Babe Ruth play on the Boston Braves?

Will a supervisor please delete my question on Babe Ruth and the positions he played on the Boston Red Sox. I did not see that in relevant answers that the question was already answered. I apologize.

What is the value of a ball point pen marked Babe Ruth Baseball?

Babe Ruth penA 1950's Babe Ruth pen is worth about $45.- $95. in it original package, in excellent to near/mint condition. The pen was sold to raise money for the Babe Ruth League Baseball Program. The Babe Ruth league founded in 1951 was originally named Little Bigger League, until The program was renamed in 1954 when Claire Ruth, Babe Ruth's widow, who had learned of the merits of the organization and its tremendous growth, met with the administrators. She subsequently gave the organization permission to change its name to Babe Ruth League. See related Links below for pictures and more information.

What is the value of a basketball autographed by Babe Ruth?

Babe Ruth signed basketballBabe Ruth did play other sports but will not be identified with any other but baseball. The most preferred item for a Babe Ruth signature would be a baseball, but the unique nature of the signed vintage basketball would make a neat display. A Babe Ruth signed baseball in general is worth about $6,000.-$10,000. and i could see the basketball selling for more. The type of authenticity that accompanies the signature, and how well the signature is displayed on the basketball will effect the value. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less.

What is the value of 1952 Topps Look N See 15 Babe Ruth EX?

about 200-300

Whats your 1905 baseball bat signed and used by Babe Ruth worth?

1905 George Herman Ruth was 10 years oldBabe Ruth made his Major League debut on July 11, 1914. In 1905 Babe Ruth was 10 years old. in 1905 Honus Wagner, a star for the Pittsburgh Pirates, signed a contract with Hillerich & Bradsby co. and became the first player ever to endorse a bat. His autograph was also the first to be used on a bat and the first known professional athlete endorsement of a retail product. The bat you have could not possibly be a Babe Ruth game used baseball bat from 1905. If the bat was made in 1905, and used by Babe Ruth at a later date you would need very strong provenance showing that the bat was used by Babe Ruth. For the value of a signed Babe Ruth baseball bat see Related Questions below.