Who wore the winged eagle belt?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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The belt was first introduced on The Main Event, the spin-off of Saturday Night's Main Event. The date this was aired was February 5, 1988 and was at the Market Square Arena. This was also the last appearance of the previous version of the title. So Hulk Hogan was the first to hold this title. Next was Andre The Giant which he won it on this program. Held it for 45 seconds before giving it to Million Dollar Man and which it was taken from him since he didn't won it and so it was Vacated for the first time. This broght about the WWF Championship tournament at Wrestlemania 4. This was the first appearance of this title at a PPV. Macho Man won the title and became the third person to hold this title. Next person was Hulk Hogan which he won it at Wrestlemania 5. Hulk Hogan held the title until Wrestlemania 6 in the classic match with Ultimate Warrior which was the first time that a Intercontinental champion held the WWF Championship at the same time. Ultimate Warrior lost the title at Royal Rumble 1991 to Sgt. Slaughter. Sgt. Slaughter lost the title to Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 7. Hogan held the title until Survivor Series 91 and lost it to The Undertaker (his first championship). Undertaker lost it to Hogan at This Tuesday In Texas on December 3, 1991. Title was Vacated a second time due Hogan cheated. Title enter the Royal Rumble 92. Winner would be champion. Ric Flair won the Royal Rumble so he became champion. He lost it to Macho Man at Wrestlemania 8 to Macho Man. Macho Man lost it to Flair at a house show (as it is call or live event) on September 1, 1992. Flair lost it at a house show on October 12, 1992. Bret Hart lost the title at Wreslemania 9 to Yokozuna and Yokozuna lost it to Hogan. This marks the last time Hogan would hold the Winged Eagle Belt. Hogan lost it at King of the Ring 93 to Yokozuna. Yokozuna lost it to Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 10. Bret Hart lost it to Bob Backlund at Survivor Series 94 in a Throw in the Towel match. Diesel was the next title holder and won it from Backlund at a house show. This was the shortest match for the championship. Bell rung Diesel kick Backlund, put in power bomb, pin and won. That was the whole match. Diesel lost it at Bret Hart at Survivor Series 95. Bret Hart then lost it to Shawn Michaels in the Iron Man Match at Wrestlemania 12. Sysco Sid won the title from Michaels at Survivor Series 96. Michaels had to Vacated the title due to a knee injury he suffered. This marks the third and last time the Winged Eagle was Vacated. Bret Hart won the 4 way match at In Your House 13. Sysco Sid won the title on Raw on February 17, 1997. The Undertaker won the title at Wrestlemania 13. Bret Hart won the title at Summerslam and this marks the only time the winged eagle belt changes hand. Michaels won the title at Suvivor Series 97 what is now known as Montreal Screwjob. Then the last time it change hands was when Austin won it at Wrestlemania 14. This was the last time a wrestler held this title as a championship but this wasn't its last appearance. It last and final appearance was on a episode of Raw. Undertaker, Kane and Vince McMahon was in the ring and the title was in the display case. Austin came down to the ring on a Zamboni. That is the complete history of the Winged Eagle Belt from 1988 to 1998. The design was used for the Hardcore Title. Rumor is that it was the title that Mr. Perfect smashed up on Saturday Night's Main Event but it not because the title was broken in more pieces that what the Hardcore title had. It is believe this broken title that Mr. Perfect smashed is in a valut at WWE.

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Q: Who wore the winged eagle belt?
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Stone Cold Steve Austin. After winning the Winged Eagle at Wrestlemania 14 against Shawn Michaels, the belt was immediately retired and the new "big eagle" belt was introduced.

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