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Q: Who wore the number 6 shirt after Emlyn hughes?
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Who wore the Liverpool number 10 shirt in the 1980's?

Ian Rush wore the number 10 shirt for Liverpool

What is Roberto Clemente's shirt number?

He wore #21.

Who wore the number 9 shirt in wolfsburg?

your chode you man

What was the number on T shirt wore by waqar younis?


Who wore the the number 7 shirt for Liverpool?

Luis Suarez currently wears the number 7 shirt for Liverpool.

What number does Steven Gerrard wore for Liverpool?

Steven Gerrards shirt number is 8

What shirt number does Henderson wear for Liverpool?

He wore the famous number 7.

Who wore the number 1 shirt for Canadians?

Terry Sawchuck, G

Who wore the number 7 shirt for Liverpool in season 20092010?


Who wore the number 3 shirt for Liverpool in 1982?

Alan Kennedy

Who wore the number 10 shirt for New York Cosmos?


Did Bryan Robson where number 7 shirt for man united in the premier league?

Bryan Robson wore the number 7 shirt for Manchester United. But it was until the Premier League era began. When that began, Eric Cantona took over the Number 7 shirt. Robson wore number 12.