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The following players wore #2 for the New England Patriots:

Doug Flutie 1987-89, 2005

Dan Miller 1982

Mike Patrick 1975-78

Pat Studstill 1972

Jeff White 1973

Joaquin Zendejas 1983

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Q: Who wore the number 2 for the patriots?
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Who wore number 76 for the New England Patriots in 1979?

No one on the active roster wore the number 76 in 1979 for the Patriots.

Who wore number 32 for patriots in 1996?

Defensive Back Willie Clay wore #32 for the 1996 Patriots.

Who wore number 99 for New England Patriots in 1998?

Linebacker Vernon Crawford wore #99 for the Patriots in the 1998 season.

What player wore number 28 for the patriots in 2009?

Darius Butler

What New England patriots wore number 37?

Rodney Harrison

Who wore number 95 New England Patriots 1998 roster?

Henry Thomas. Thomas, a defensive tackle, wore #95 for the Patriots between 1997-2000.

What was Drew Bledsoe's Jersey Number for the New England Patriots in 1993?

Drew Bledsoe wore #11 for the Patriots.

What was Daryl stingly's number for New England patriots?

Darryl Stingley wore #84 for the New England Patriots.

What new patriots wore number 95?

Chandler Jones (Defensive End)

Who wore number 63 on the New England Patriots in the 1960s?

The following players wore number 63 for the then Boston Patriots in the 1960's:1960 - 1962 - Charley Leo, Guard1965 - 1968 - Justin Canale, Guard

Who wore 28 for patriots 2001 super bowl team?

No one. There was no number 28 on the Patriots roster for super Bowl XXXVI.

Who has wore number 10 for the New England Patriots?

Jabar Gaffney and Tiquan Underwood.