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William Gallas

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Gustavo Poyet

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Q: Who wore the number 13 shirt for Chelsea before Michael Ballack?
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Who wore number 13 for Chelsea last season?

No one. The last person who wore the number 13 was Michael Ballack, who left Chelsea a few seasons ago. The number 13 for this season is one of our new signings Victor Moses.

What number jersey does Michael Ballack wear always?


Who is number 5 in Chelsea squad?

Michael Essien

Who wore number 5 at Chelsea FC?

Michael Essien wore number 5 at Chelsea FC. He is a midfielder footballer.

WHICH FAmous soccer players wear number 13?

Michael Ballack (Chelsea & Germany) Alessandro Nesta ( AC Milan & Italy) There are other players (JS Park, Danny Murphy, Boa Morte) but the top two are considerably more famous than these mentioned (in my opinion)

Who wore the number 9 jersey before Torres joined Chelsea?

Jacob Howard

Who had number 9 shirt at Chelsea before Torres?

Lionel Andrés Mess