Who wore the 26 jersey?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Last year NBA players wearing 26

Korver, 6ers

Kelvin Kato, Knicks

Patrick O Bryant, Warriors

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Erik Christensen

Erik Cole

B.J. Crombeen

Patrik Elias

Ruslan Fedotenko

Josh Gorges

Michal Handzus

Ales Kotalik

Jere Lehtinen

Shaone Morrisonn

Matt Moulson

Samuel Pahlsson

Joel Perrault

Mikael Samuelsson

Ryan Shannon

Jaime Sifers

Martin St. Louis

Paul Stastny

Steve Sullivan

Danny Syvret

Thomas Vanek

Blake Wheeler

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Pau Gasol

Bob Lanier

Ron Artest

Peja Stojakovic

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Some include:

  • Kyle Weaver
  • Rodney Carney
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Q: Who wore the 26 jersey?
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Who wore Mancunian republic 2010-2011 season jersey number 26?

Gabriel Obertan wore jersey number 26 for mancunian republic in 2010-2011.

Who wore NY Giant Jersey number 26?

Essex Mitchell

What New York Yankee had the initials T M and wore the number 26 jersey?

According to, nobody with the initials TM wore #26 for the Yankees. Click on the 'Yankees Numbers' link below to see all Yankees that wore #26.

What did Della wear by Perry Como?

She wore a New Jersey.

Who was number 26 for the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers?

Preston Pearson, who later played for the Dallas Cowboys, wore jersey number 26 from 1970-74. According to the Steelers Record Book on, NO player wore number 26 again until Scoop Gillespie in 1984. So, your answer is that there was no #26 on the Steelers 1978 roster, according to the teams record book.

What number did Joe Dumars wear on his jersey?

He wore No.4 on his jersey.

Who wore the no 23 jersey for Real Madrid?

David Beckham and before him it was Pedro Munitis who wore the jersey number 23 at Real Madrid.

How many Toronto Maple Leaf players wore the 13 on their jersey and what were their names?

there are over twenty but only three wore 13 on their jersey

Who is the future hall of fame defenceman who played for the Edmonton Oilers and wore jersey 7?

Paul Coffey wore jersey 7 for the Oilers.

Who wore the number 7 jersey before Cristiano Ronaldo In English Football International Football?

David Beckham wore the number 7 jersey before Ronaldo at Manchester United, Beckham wore the7 number jersey for England as well.

What number did David Luiz wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Dani Alves wore jersey number 2 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Who wore packer jersey?

Wayne Simmons