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Q: Who wore number 9 in Liverpool before Torres?
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Who wore the number 9 jersey before Torres joined Chelsea?


Who wore number 9 shirt for lfc before Torres?

robbie fowler

Who wore the Liverpool number 10 shirt in 1980?

Ian Rush wore the number 10 shirt for Liverpool

Which players have worn the number 9 shirt for Liverpool?

Fernando Torres, Robbie Fowler, Kenny Dalglish King Kenny Dalglish wore the number 7 shirt you muppet.

Who wore the the number 7 shirt for Liverpool?


What squad number will Djibril Cisse wear in Liverpool?

Djibril Cisse wore the number 13, but he doesn't play for them anymore. He now plays for Sunderland.djibril cisse wore number 9 at Liverpool -

Who wore 23 for Liverpool before jamie carragher?

Robbie Fowler

Who wore the number 7 shirt for Liverpool in season 20092010?


Who wore the number 3 shirt for Liverpool in 1982?

Alan Kennedy

What number does Steven Gerrard wore for Liverpool?

Steven Gerrards shirt number is 8

Which number shirt did Kenny Dalglish wear for Liverpool?

He wore the famous number 7.

Which soccer players wear the number 9?

Some famous ones who wore jersey number 9 are Alan Shearer, Andy Cole, Fernando Torres, kaka, Karim Benzema, Ronaldo.Fernando Torres wears the 9 for Liverpool and for Spain in the 2010 WC.Wayne Rooney wears number 9.Di Santo from Chelsea

What number does riera wear for Liverpool?

Albert Riera wears number 11 for Liverpool, the same number that he wore for RCD Espanyol, the club he last played for.

What number did Fernando Torres wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Fernando Torres wore jersey number 9 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Who wore the number 8 shirt the longest at Liverpool fc?

Steven Gerrard

What number was Fernando Torres when he played for Athletico Medrid?

When playing for Atletico Madrid he wore the number 9.

Which famous soccer players wore number 9?

RONALDO (BRAZILIAN) Wayne Rooney for England dimitar berbatov for man utd Fernando Torres for Liverpool Alan shearer (before retirement) for Newcastle Andrew cole christiano ronaldo Filippo Inzaghi for ac milan Samuel eto

Who wore the number 7 shirt for Liverpool in the 1992 1993 season?

Dean Saunders.Deano had the same squad number the season before. The following season (93/94) was Nigel Clough.

What shirt number does pennant wear for Liverpool?

Jermaine Pennant wore the number 16 during 07/08 season.

Who wore number 25 before giambi for the Yankees?

Randy Velarde wore number 25 in 2001 before Giambi came to the Yankees

What number did anelka have at Liverpool?

Nicolas Anelka wore #9 for Liverpool in 2002 when he played in 20 games while on loan.Anelka only played for Arsenal, Bolton Wanderers and Chelsea.He never played for Liverpool.

What number did Jack Clark wear for the Giants before he wore 22?

He briefly wore No. 15.

Who wore the number 7 shirt for Liverpool in season 20072008?

Harry Kewell he plays for Australia (also known as the socceroos)

Who all wore the number 6 shirt for Liverpool?

They were Harry Kewell the Australian and John Arnie Rissa the Norwegien footballers.

Who wore the number 5 shirt for Tottenham Hotspur in the 1982 League Cup Final?

Mickey Hazard wore the number 5 shirt for Tottenham Hotspur in the 1982 League Cup Final against Liverpool.