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Lyle alzado

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Q: Who wore number 77 for the Oakland Raiders?
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What is Ricky Lumpkin's number on the Oakland Raiders?

Ricky Lumpkin is number 77 on the Oakland Raiders.

Who has worn jersey number 77 in the nfl?

Lyle Alzado of the Oakland Raiders

Which Oakland Raider Wore number 77?

The best to wear it was Lyle alzado

What Super Bowls did Oakland Raiders win?

11 (77) 15 (81) 18 (84)

Which famous soccer players have worn the number 77?

Quaresma from Internazionale wore the number 77.

What baseball players wore number 77?

Malcolm Mantle

Who wore number 77 between 1989 and 1992?

For what team?

Who was number 77 for the 1995 Jacksonville Jaguars?

No one on the active roster wore #77 for the 1995 Jacksonville Jaguars.. And as far as i can tell, no one wore that jersey number, period..

What famous football player wore number 77?

red grange

Who wore number 77 in the NBA?

Gheorghe Muresan and Vladimir Radmanovic

What famous basketball player wore number 77?

david beckham

What players wore number 26 for the Oakland Raiders?

Some notable players who wore number 26 for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders were cornerback Skip "Dr. Death" Thomas (1972-77), Pro Bowl safety Vann McElroy (1982-90), running back/kick returner Napoleon Kaufman (1995-2000) and Hall-of-Fame defensive back/kick returner Rod Woodson (2002-03). Others include running back Nyle McFarlane (1960), cornerback Nemiah Wilson (1968-70. He also wore 48 from 1971-74), running back Clarence Hawkins (1979), defensive back/kick returner Keith Moody (1980), safety Derrick Gibson (2001. He also wore 36 from 2002-06) and defensive back Stanford Routt (2005-11).

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