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Q: Who wore number 6 on the Brooklyn Dodgers?
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Who wore Number 6 for the dodgers?


Who wore number six for dodgers?

Steve Garvey wore #6 for the Dodgers for the longest time. Currently, utility player Jerry Hairston wears it.

What year did Jackie Robinson play for Brooklyn Dodgers?

April 6, 1944

Which Denver Broncos players wore number 6?

Jay Cutler wore number 6.

Ho wore the number 6 jersey in the NFL?

Benny Friedman wore number 6 and is in the HOF.

How many World Series Championships have the LA dodgers won?

Prior to moving to LA, the Dodgers were the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series in 1955. After moving to LA and becoming the LA Dodgers, they won the World Series in 1959, 1963, 1965, 1981, and 1988. If you count the Brooklyn title, they have won 6 World Series Championships. If you only count those as the LA Dodgers, they have 5.

What is Alan Anderson's number on the Brooklyn Nets?

Alan Anderson is number 6 on the Brooklyn Nets.

How many times did the Yankees win the World Series over Brooklyn dodgers?

The New York Yankees beat the Brooklyn Dodgers 6 times in the World Series in 1941, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953 1956, and lost to the Dodgers in the 1955 World Series.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback wore number 6?

Quarterback Bubby Brister wore #6 for the Steelers.

What penn state player wore number 6?

what penn state football players wore 6

What number did Al Kaline wear?

He wore the number 6.

How many World Series has the Brooklyn-Los Angeles Dodgers won?

The Los Angeles Dodgers franchise have won 6 World Series titles in 18 appearances.

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