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1935: Fabian Gaffke

1946: Ben Steiner

1955: Joe Trimble and Haywood Sullivan

1966-1967: Don McMahon

1972: Bob Gallagher and Andy Kosco

1979: Joel Finch

1984-1985: Jim Dorsey

1986-1990: Wes Gardner

1991-1994: Danny Darwin

1995-1996: Kevin Kennedy

1997: Rudy Pemberton and Michael Coleman

1999: Butch Huskey

2000: Ed Sprague

2001-2002: Rolando Arrojo

2003: Chad Fox and Bill Haselman

2004: Bill Haselman and Orlando Cabrera

2005: Jay Payton and Gabe Kapler

2007: David Murphy and Brandon Moss

2008: Brandon Moss and Jason Bay

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johnny pesky

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joe rea

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Q: Who wore number 6 for the Boston Red Sox?
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