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Q: Who wore number 5 for notre dame that played for the New Orleans Saints of the NFL?
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What is the name of the soccer stadium of France?

The (New Orleans or more commonly, Louisiana) SuperDome

What number did george gipp wear at notre dame?

George Gipp wore the number 66 while he played at Notre Dame.

What movie and television projects has Dave Waymer been in?

Dave Waymer has: Played Himself - New Orleans Saints Cornerback in "NFL Monday Night Football" in 1970. Played Himself - San Francisco 49ers Safety in "NFL Monday Night Football" in 1970. Played Himself - New Orleans Saints Free Safety in "NFL Monday Night Football" in 1970. Played Himself - Notre Dame Fighting Irish Flanker in "1978 Cotton Bowl" in 1978. Played Himself - 41st Overall Pick in "1980 NFL Draft" in 1980. Played Himself - San Francisco 49ers Strong Safety in "1990 NFC Championship Game" in 1991.

Is there a saint named Julie?

She and another young rich woman founded the Sisters of Notre Dame

What was Wally Kleine's jersey number while at Notre Dame?

Wally's number at Notre Dame was 96 and at Washington it was 79

Has a Saint ever been declared ex post facto to not have been a Saint?

In 1968, the New Orleans Saints drafted Notre Dame defensive tackle Kevin Hardy in the first round. But Hardy never played for the team because he was sent to San Francisco as compensation for the Saints' signing of veteran wide receiver Dave Parks under the "Rozelle Rule." At that time, Pete Rozelle, the commissioner of the National Football League, could award compensation to teams losing a free agent.

Was Jerome Bettis a fullback at Notre Dame?

Yes, Bettis played full back for Notre Dame.

Who played in 1925 Rose Bowl?

Notre Dame and Stanford. Notre Dame won, 27-10.

What is the song played with the football players of Notre Dame enter the field?

It Is the Notre Dame Victory March.

When was the last time Notre Dame and Alabama played football?

On November 14, 1987, Notre Dame defeated Alabama, 37-6 in South Bend, Indiana. Notre Dame leads the all-time series, 5-1. The two teams previous met in 1986 (in Birmingham, AL; Alabama's only win), 1980 (in Birmingham), 1976 (in South Bend), 1975 (in Miami for the 1975 Orange Bowl after the 1974 season), and 1973 (in New Orleans for the 1973 Sugar Bowl after the 1973 season).

Did Regis Philbin play football for the University of Notre Dame?

No, Regis Philbin never played football for Notre Dame. He attended college there, but never played.

When did Moon Mullins play Notre Dame football?

Larry "Moon" Mullins played for Notre Dame from 1927-30