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LB Ray Philips wore #52 in 1978 for the Philadelphia Eagles

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Q: Who wore number 52 for the Eagles in 1978?
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Who wore number 52 for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2000 season?

Linebacker Barry Gardner

What is Jason Phillips's number on the Philadelphia Eagles?

Jason Phillips is number 52 on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Who wore number 52 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1979?

Center Mike Webster.

What is Chad Greenway's number on the Minnesota Vikings?

Chad Greenway wore number 52 during his career with the Minnesota Vikings.

What was the jersey number of terry mills at Michigan university?

Terry Mills wore #52

Who wore number 52 before CC Sabathia on the New York Yankees?

The last player to wear number 52 before CC Sabathia was Luis Vizcaino in 2007. In 2008, pitching coach Dave Eilandwore number 52 for the New York Yankees.

Who wore 52 for the New England patriot in 1981?

Line Backer Steve King wore #52 for the Patriots in 1981.

Who is 52 on the Minnesota Twins?

In 2009, Brian Duensing wore #52 for the Minnesota Twins.

Who wore number 51 for the dodgers?

Ted sizemore

What was Yusmeiro Petit's uniform number with the San Francisco Giants?

Yusmeiro Petit wore No. 52 when he played for the San Francisco Giants from 2012 to 2015.

What number uniform did the Colts retire for NFL great Raymond Berry?

He wore numbers 50 and 57 during his NFL career.

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