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P Jim Maloney ... Maloney wore #46 for the Reds from 1960-1970.

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Q: Who wore number 46 for the Cincinnati Reds in 1964?
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Who wore number 46 for the Cincinnati Reds in 1983?

In 1983, pitcher Jeff Russell wore #46 for the Cincinnati Reds.

Who was number 23 on the Cincinnati Reds in 2008?

In 2008, Corey Patterson wore #23 for the Cincinnati Reds.

Who wore number 04 on the Cincinnati Reds?

Chris Sabo

Who wore number 21 back in the 1970s Cincinnati Reds?

Barry Larkin

Who wore the number 3 for the Cincinnati Reds?

Several players have worn the number 11 for the Cincinnati Reds, but the most notable was Barry Larkin, who wore the number 11 from 1986-2004.

What Cincinnati Reds player wore number 21?

Barry Larkin

What Cincinnati Reds player wore number 10?

NobodyIn 2005, the Cincinnati Reds retired the #10 in honor of manager Sparky Anderson.

What was Joe Morgan's jersey number?

Joe Morgan was a late season call up to Houston in 1963 and 1964. He wore #12 in 1963 and #35 in 1964. He became a regular in 1965 and wore #18 until the Astros traded him to Cincinnati prior to the 1972 season. With Cincinnati he wore #8 and wore that number for the rest of his career.

What was Aaron Boone's jersey number in 2003?

Aaron Boone played for both the Cincinnati Reds and New York Yankees in the 2003 season. He wore #17 for the Reds and #19 for the Yankees.

Who wore number 30 in the 1941 Major League Baseball All-Star game?

In the 1941 MLB All-Star Game, Paul Derringer, of the Cincinnati Reds (NL), wore #30.

What wasthe Cincinnati Reds original nickname?

They were originally called the Cincinnati Red Stockings, because as part of their uniform, they wore red stockings. The name Reds evolved from that name.

What number did Paul O'Neill wear as a Cincinnati Red?

Paul Blair wore number 2 from 1977-1979 and number 27 in 1980, when playing for the New York Yankees.