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2010: DB Jarrad Page

1988-1992: RB John Stephens

1984: KR Jon Williams

1969-1972: DB John Outlaw

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Q: Who wore number 44 for the New England Patriots first name began with J?
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What year did the New England Patriots first come into existence?

The club was founded in 1959 and began play in 1960.

When did New England Patriots come into the NFL?

The then Boston Patriots began play in 1960 in the American Football League (AFL), which later merged with the NFL. The Patriots played their first game in the NFL in 1970.

What year were the Patriots first established?

I assume by Patriots you mean the New England Patriots of the National Football league. In 1959, the team was introduced as the Boston Patriots but in 1971 the team was relocated to Foxborough, Massachusetts where they were renamed as the New England Patriots. This is the same name that the team uses today.

Who was the first players for the patriots?

The first New England Patriots (then the Boston Patriots) season was in 1960. Here's a link to their 1960 roster,

What year was the first season for the New England Patriots?


Who was the patriot's first coach?

Lou Saban was the first coach for the New England Patriots (then known as the Boston Patriots) in the 1960 season.

Who scored the first points for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX vs the Chicago Bears?

The Patriots scored first. New England scored first, in the first qtr. on a 36 yard Field Goal by Tony Franklin to put the patriots up 3-0.

What was score of first 2009 game for NE Patriots?

New England Patriots 25 Buffalo Bills 24

Who was New England Patriots first quarterback in 1971?

The 1971 season was Jim Plunkett's rookie season with the Patriots.

When was the first time the New England Patriots?

They were created in 1959 and their first season was 1960

How old is the New England Patriots?

The New England Patriots were established in 1959. They were originally called the Boston Patriots but were renamed the New England Patriots in 1971 after relocating from Boston to Foxborough.

Which team called the first timeout in super bowl 2012?

New England.