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The number 42 jersey does not seem to have any significance to Notre Dame. There have not been any players who became well known that wore that jersey.

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Q: Who wore number 42 for Notre Dame?
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Which Notre dame Player wore number 42?

Michael Stonebreaker

witch notre dame football player wore the number 42?


What is the win record for notre dame vs SEC teams?

As of the 2008 season, Notre Dame leads the series 42-32-5.

When did Notre Dame play Alabama?

Alabama played notre dame in 1957 in the national championship match which alabama won 42 to 26

What is the latitude of Notre Dame?

Latitude: N 41° 42' 0.7446"

What is the all time football record of usc vs notre dame?

Notre Dame has won 42 and USC has won 33.(There has been 5 ties and they did not play in 1943,1944 and 1945.) They play today (Oct. 17) at Notre Dame.

Who wore number 42 for the Chicago Bulls?

Larry kristoviak wore number 42

What is Notre Dame's all time win-loss record in college football?

845-295(.733) And 42 ties. Notre Dame is second all time with win percentage just behind Michigan.

Which team has won the most NCAA men's football championships?

Michigan with 42 Notre Dame is second with 41

What is the record between Notre Dame and usc?

USC and Notre Dame have met 79 times prior to the 2008 football season. Notre Dame has won 42 times, lost 32 times and had 5 ties. There first meeting was in 1926. Source:

Who are some famous NFL players that wore the jersey number 42?

Ronnie Lott wore # 42

Who wore the number 42 for the New York Yankees?

Click on the link below to see all the players that wore number 42 for the Yankees.

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Which Notre dame Player wore number 42?

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