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Q: Who wore number 3 for the Yankees?
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Who wore jersey number one on the New York Yankees?

Babe Ruth wore number 3 for the Yankees. The Yankees retired the number 3 in 1948 in honor of the Babe.

What number did Frank Colman wear with the New York Yankees?

Frank Colman wore #8 for the Yankees in 1946. In 1947, he wore the #3 and the #48.

Who wore the uniform number 3 after Babe Ruth left the Yankees following the 1934 season?

George Selkirk.Babe Ruth's final season with the Yankees was 1934. Selkirk wore #3 for the Yankees from 1935-1942.

What number is Alex Rodriguez ?

Alex Rodriguez wore the number 3 from 1994 - 2003 with the Seattle Mariners, and Texas Rangers, then wore the number 13 with the Yankees from 2004 to the present (2009).

Which New York Yankees pitcher wore number 2?

There were no Yankees pitchers that wore #2.

What was Babe Ruth's number with the New York Yankees?

Babe Ruth wore # 3.

What was Babe Ruth's baseball Number?

Babe Ruth wore number 3 with the New York Yankees.

Which New York Yankees player wore number 12 in 2009?

Cody Ransom wore number 12 for the Yankees in 2009.

Who wore number 41 for the 1929 New York Yankees?

No Yankees player wore #41 in 1929.

How many New York Yankees wore the number 4 on their uniforms?

Click on the 'Yankees Numbers' link on this page to find out what Yankees wore number 4 and any other number.

Who wore number 25 before giambi for the Yankees?

Randy Velarde wore number 25 in 2001 before Giambi came to the Yankees

Who wore number 33 on the New York Yankees?

Click on the link below to see all the players who wore number 33 for the Yankees.

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