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Q: Who wore number 32 for the Oakland Raiders in the 80's?
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Who has worn the number 55 for the raiders since 1980?

Matt Millen wore #55 throughout most of the 80s.

What did people were in the 80s?

People in the 80s wore clothes.

Who wore the number 11 during the pistons back to back championships in the 80s?

Isiah Thomas

Who wore number 77 on the Denver Broncos in 80s?

1980-1982: Greg Boyd 1983-1994: Karl Mecklenburg

What number in the 80s is prime?

the lageest prime number in the 80s is 88

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Women in the 80s wore things like jelly shoes, jelly bracelets and leg warmers. They also wore shoulder pads, neon clothing, leggings and oversized sweaters.

What did teenagers wear in the 80s?

They wore fancy dresses, skirts and shorts made by vintage.

What is the highest number worn by a Toronto Maple Leaf?

Wilf Paiement wore #99 in the late 70s, early 80s, long before Gretzky made it famous

Who wore number thirteen in baseball?

Dave Concepcion, for the Reds, is in the hall and wore 13. Doyle Alexander, who pitched for several teams in the 70s and 80s, wore #13. Currently, Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees wears #13. Currently, Robert Fick of the Washington Nationals wears #13.

What kind of makeup was worn in the 80s?

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What did the 80s people wear?

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