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Gary Payton

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Q: Who wore number 20 for the lakers in the season of 03 04?
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What number does doug gillmore wear?

Doug Gilmour wore #18 in the 83-84 season with the Blues then from 84-88 he wore #9 with the club. He wore #39 when traded to Calgary in 88 from 88-92. When traded to Toronto in 92 he wore #93. He continued with that number as he went to the Swiss league in 94-95 briefly, with the Devils from 96-98, the Blackhawks from 98-00, The Sabres from 99-01, Montreal from 01-03 and finally back to to Toronto in 02-03 where he retired.

Does lamar odom play for heat?

he played with the heat in the 03-04 season an then was traded to the LA Lakers together with caron butler and brian grant for Shaquille O'neil

For which NBA team was Emily Harper a cheerleader from 2000-03?

LA Lakers

Witch NBA team was Emily Harper cheerleader from 2000-03?

The Los Angeles Lakers

Which maple leafs wore the number 93?

The #93 jersey was worn by Alexander Godynyuk from 1990-92 and Doug Gilmour from 1991-97 and 2002-03.

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