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Cornerback Dewayne Washington wore #20 for the Steelers from 1998-2003.

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Q: Who wore number 20 for the Pittsburgh Steelers named Washington?
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What is the Pittsburgh Steelers field named?

The Pittsburgh Steelers play at Heinz Field.

Why were the Pittsburgh Steelers named the 'Steelers'?

Because at the time of the naming Pittsburgh was full of steel mills.

Is there a player named Biggs on the Pittsburgh Steelers?


What is the name of the Pittsburgh Steelers mascot?

The Steelers mascot is named Steely McBeam.

What was the original team name that Art Rooney gave the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Steelers were first named the Pittsburgh Pirates and in 1940 they were renamed the Steelers.

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers original name when they began play in the NFL?

From 1933-1939 the Steelers were named the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What industry are the Pittsburgh Steelers named after?

The steel industry.

Were the Pittsburgh Steelers always named the Steelers?

No, they were not. The Steelers were originally known as the Pirates.Pittsburgh Pirates - (1933-1939)Pittsburgh Steelers - (1940-1942)Phil-Pitt "Steagles" - (1943)Card-Pitt - (1944)Pittsburgh Steelers - (1945-present)

Who was the only Pittsburgh Steelers kicker named the Most Valuable Player?

Gary Anderson was named the Steelers' MVP in 1983.

How many starting quarterbacks have the Pittsburgh Steelers had?

The Steelers have had 33 named starters since 1933.

Who wore number 20 for the Pittsburgh Steelers named Ray?

There is no listing of a player on the Steelers all-time roster with the first name Ray who wore #20.

Who were football players named Schultz that played for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Eberle Schultz played the guard position on the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1941-1942.

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