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Brent Seabrook

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Jeremy roenick

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Q: Who wore number 14 for Chicago Blackhawks in the seventies?
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Who wore number 70 for the Chicago Blackhawks?

No player has ever worn number 70 for Chicago.

Who wore number 32 on the Chicago Blackhawks?

Eric Nesterenko, "old elbows"

What Chicago Blackhawks wore number 93?

Pete Conacher, Bronco Horvath, Nick Mickoski, Dutch Reibel, Tod Sloan, Steve Witiuk and Bobby Hull. The # 9 is now retired within the Blackhawks organization.

Who wore number 43 for Chicago Blackhawks?

Mike Hudson - 1988-90 Milan Tichy - 1992-93 Nathan Dempsey - 2002-04 James Wisniewski - 2006-09 Brandon Saad - 2011-12

What is 1970s slang for clothing?

You wore 'threads' in the seventies.

Who wore number 13 for the Chicago Bears?

In 2010, wide receiver Johnny Knox wore #13 for the Chicago Bears.

How did seventies people wear scarves?

They wore them around their necks.

Who isNo23 of Chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan wore number 23 on the Chicago Bulls.

Who wore number 5 for Chicago Bulls?

Carlos Boozer

Who of the Chicago Bulls wore number 5?

John Paxson

What famous Chicago bear wore the number 40?

Gayle Sayers

Who wears the number 93 in the NHL?

As far as I know there is nobody currently wearing the number 68 but Jaromir Jagr, Milan Jurcina, and Zigmund Palffy wore it.