Who wore 80 besides Donald driver?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Jerry Rice

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Q: Who wore 80 besides Donald driver?
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Who Wore 80 for 1980 Eagles?

Luther Blue wore the number 80 for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1980. He only wore the number for 1 year.

Who wore jersey number 80 for steelers?


Which famous sports stars wore number 80?

Some famous sports stars that or number 98 are Brian Lawton, Greg Anderson of the Atlanta Hawks, and Jesse Armstead. Greg Ellis and Julian Peterson also wore number 98.

Who wore 80 for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Kevin Curtis currently wears the number 80 jersey

Is Donald Byrd dead?

Donald Byrd died on February 4, 2013. He was 80 years old at his time of death.

Who wore 80 for th Houston oilers?

b.whiteshoes johnson

What was the name of the hairstyle Michael Jackson wore during the late 80's?

The hair style Michael Jackson wore in the 80's was called the 'Jherri Curl'. Prenounced:Jerry Kurl

How many are player from Green Bay Packers are still alive from the first super bowl?

i think Donald driver (#80) is one of them and maybe Charles woodson, but i really don't know

Who played for the eagles in the 80's that wore a dark visor?

Jim McMahon.......

What NFL players wore number 80?

Jerry Rice of Course. I hate the 49'ers. He and Joe Montana cost me lots of $$. I hated them, but admired them at the same time for their greatness. Kellen Winslow Sr.- Chargers Isaac Bruce- Rams Cris Carter- Vikings Chris Collinsworth - Bengals Steve Largent - Seahawks Donald Driver -Packers Andre Johnson- Texans

Who wore 80 for Chicago Bears?

Willie Gault

Who was the rapper in the 80's who wore Groucho Marx Glasses and nose?

Humpty- hump