Who wore 66 in hockey?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Mario Lemieux, Gino Odjick, Yanick Dupre, and Milan Novy

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Q: Who wore 66 in hockey?
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Who wore number 66 for the Cleveland Browns?

Shawn Lauvao

Who wore the first ice hockey helmet camera?

Bryan Elliott

Who wore the first goalie mask in ice hockey?

Jacques Plantes

Which ice hockey player wore 19 at the 2010 Olympics?

Joe Thornton wore 19 for Canada in the 2010 Olympics.

Who wore 55 in hockey?

Right now Gonchar wears 55 for the Penguins.

Who wore the 2 jersey on the Minnesota Wild hockey team?

Willie Mitchell

Who wore number 19 on the Canadian National Hockey team?

Joe Thornton

What famous hockey players wore 3?

Jon Payne.

Who wore the first hockey helmet?

Swedish Ice Hockey champion, Sven Tumba invented the first hockey helmet, called the SPAPS-helmet

What hockey player wore the number 15?

Mike Schmidt, Bobby Smith, Dany Heatly, John McLean

In hockey who wore number fourteen?

Dave Keon, Brendan Shanahan, Theo Fleury, Kent Nilsson, Dave Andreychuk

Where can you buy hershey bears game used hockey equipment that they players wore?

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