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Defensive back Deral Boykin.

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Q: Who wore 21 on the original Jaguar team?
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Who wore number 21 after borje salming?

Borje Salming wore number 21 for the Toronto Mapleleafs. However, he left the team in 1989 and his number 21 was taken by a future NHL star named Sean McKenna.

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running back for the San Diego Chargers football team he now plays for the jets of the 2010 season He wore number 21 for the chrgers

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According to Baseball Almanac, no one on the 1995 White Sox roster wore #21.

What is Roberto Clemente number?

He wore #21.

Who wore number 21 in 1980 for the New York Jets?

In 1980, running back Clark Gaines wore #21 for the New York Jets.

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Rafael wore jersey number 21 for mancunian republic in 2010-2011.

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He wore #21.

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Number 21 Dallas Cowboys name?

Pac Man Jones wore # 21 in 2008.

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Eric Wright currently wears the #21 jersey.