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Venus Williams

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Q: Who won this year's Wimbledon women's singles title?
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What age was Andre agassi when he won first Wimbledon singles title?

Andre Agassi was born on April 29, 1970. He won his first Wimbledon singles title in 1992, making him 22 years old.

Who is the youngest male to win a Wimbledon singles title?

According to Wikipedia (refer to the link, below), the youngest male to win a Wimbledon singles title was Boris Becker at the age of 17 years and 7 months.

Who was the oldest female to win a Wimbledon singles title and how old was she?

Martina Navratolova at 38 years

What is the name of the man from New Zealand to win the Wimbledon singles championship?

Anthony Wilding won Wimbledon Men's Singles title four years in a row, 1910-1913.

What women won the tennnis at Wimbledon six consecutive years?

Martina Navratilova won the Ladies' Singles title at Wimbledon in six consecutive years between 1982 and 1987.

Who won last years womens doubles at Wimbledon?

The 2011 Wimbledon Ladies' Doubles was won by They defeated Lisicki and Samantha Stosur In 2012, the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, won the title

How old in years and days was Boris Becker when he won the Wimbledon Men's Singles title?

AnswerHe was about 17 years and 7 months old.

What date did Boris Becker become the youngest man to win the Wimbledon Men's Singles title?

Boris Becker defeated Kevin Curren in the finals of the 1985 Wimbledon Men's Singles to become, at 17 years old, the youngest man to ever win the Men's Singles title at Wimbledon. Boris Becker defeated Kevin curren in the finals of the 1985 Wimbledon Men's Singles to become the youngest player to win at the age of 17 years and 227 days on 7th July,1985

Who is the only Spaniard to win a Wimbledon singles title in the last 20 years Apart from Rafael Nadal?

conchita martinez

Venus Williams won at Wimbledon in which years?

Venus Williams won the Wimbledon singles title in 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2008. She won the doubles title with sister Serena in 2000, 2002, 2008 and 2009.

Who won this years men singles at Wimbledon?

roger federer

The youngest player to win a title at Wimbledon?

Charlotte Dodd - 15 years 9 months in 1887 when she won Wimbledon.

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