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Pakistan won the toss and elected to field

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Q: Who won the yesterday match pak vs wi 4 odi?
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Who win yesterday match between Pakistan and South Africa?

South Africa won the 1st ODI held on October 29, 2010.

Which team has won the max no of consecutive ODI match?

Australia, with 21

Who won the 2rd odi India vs Australia ocotber 24?

India won the match.

Which team won the most ODI and test matches in cricket- Pakistan vs India?

Pakistan has won more ODI and test matches between India and Pakistan. ODI's: Pakistan-69 India-48 Tests Pakistan-12 India-9

When India won the first ODI Cricket Match?

1983 in England and 2007 when they won the first ever T20 World cup

Who won 4 consecutive man of the match in ODI cricket?

Saurav Ganguly

Who won the first odi match played between India and Australia?


Who won the match of 30 December 2010 between pak and new?

Pakistan won the match. Match was b\w Newzeland and won by..................................................... DONT KNOW WHO WIN! HAHAHAH`

Who won the India vs west indies 2nd odi match 2011?


Who won the most number of man of the match awards in ODI cricket?

Robert Griffin III

Who won the Man of the Match award in the India - Pakistan ODI at Kochi in 2005?

Yuvraj Singh

How many times brian Lara won the man of the match award in odi cricket?