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Q: Who won the vikings redskins game today?
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Who won the Vikings game today?

Brian Epstein

Who won the Redskins and Dallas game?

Washington Redskins

Who did the raiders play against when they won the 3 super bowls?

vikings eagles redskins

What team did Miami Dolphins play against when they won the super bowl?

The Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings.

Have the vikings won a game?

I believe that they won 1 or 2 games .

For the first regular season game in 2007 who did the Redskins play?

Miami Dolphins. The Redskins won in OT, 16-13.

Who did the sf 49ers play in the NFC West 1983 championship game?

The Washington Redskins - the Redskins won 24-21.

Who won the saints and the vikings game 2010 in the postseason?


Who won the clemson football game today?

who won the cleason game today

On September 17 1937 who did the redskins play?

The first Redskins game in Washington was September 16, 1937 against the New York Giants. The Redskins won, 13-3.

What is the ost points scored in a football game?

73 the redskins won 73 to 0

How many regular season football games have the Carolina Panthers won this season 2009-10?

they won 8 games they beat the Redskins,Bucs,Cardinals,Falcons,Bucs,Vikings,Giants,saints