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University of Michigan by the score of 39-0 on October 12, 1898.

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Q: Who won the very first football game between the university of Michigan and Michigan state?
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How old is the first football film?

The first successful filming of a college football game was in 1904 at a game between the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago.

What was the first American football game ever filmed?

The first American football game filmed was between the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago in 1904. Click on the 'First Filmed American Football Game' link on this page to read about the game.

When was university of Michigan's first football game?

Michigan defeated Racine 1 to nothing in 1879.

When was the first filmed football game and who were the teams?

University of Michigan versus University of Chicago, 1904

What year did Michigan start football?

The University of Michigan played their first football game on May 30, 1879 against a team from Racine, Wisconsin. Michigan won the game 1-0.

Who did Michigan play in their first ever football game?

Michigan University played Racine College on May, 30 1879 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

When was first televised football game at University of Michigan?

The first telecast of a Michigan footballgame occurred on Sept. 27, 1947, a 55-0 victory by the Wolverines over Michigan State at MichiganStadium.

What is ann arbor known for?

The University of Michigan, Michigan football, the location where the first Borders bookstores started, and having lots of trees, the list is long!

What is the first year the University of Michigan and Notre Dame football teams played each other?

1887. Michigan won, 8 - 0. Michigan had been playing since 1879. It was Notre Dame's first game.

When was the first college football bowl game?

The first bowl game was the 1902 Rose Bowl between Michigan and Stanford with Michigan winning 49 - 0.

What year was Central Michigan University's first football team assembled?

Central Michigan's first game was played in 1896 against Alma High School. Alma won 14-5.

Who was the first team that played football?

The first college football game was played in 1882 between transylvania college and Kentucky university (now university of Kentucky) Transylvania won.

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