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St. Kilda beat the Western Bulldogs by 24 points - a win virtually set up in the third quarter alone.

The Saints will now face Collingwood in the Grand Final next Saturday afternoon at the MCG.

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Q: Who won the st kilda v bulldogs match 18 September 2010?
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When was the last drawn AFL Grand Final?

25 September 2010 between Collingwood and St Kilda.

When was the last time collingwood beat the western bulldogs?

Saturday September 4 2010. Qualifying Final. Collingwood - 17.22.124 defeated Western Bulldogs 8.14.62

When do match attaxs come out?

the match attax 2010/2011 come out 30th September

When did the Bulldogs win their last AFL Premiership?

They have only ever won one: 1954. I think they may have beaten Melbourne that year in the Grand Final. In those days it was the VFL competition, and "the Bulldogs" was Footscray Football Club.

Who are the teams in the 2010 AFL grandfinals?

Collingwod and St kilda got into the grandfinals

What are all of the AFL teams?

As of 2010, the AFL teams, in alphabetical order are: Adelaide, Brisbane, Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle, Geelong, Hawthorn, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, Richmond, St. Kilda, Sydney, West Coast Eagles, and Western Bulldogs

What is the transfer code for match magazine fantasy football September 12 2010?


How many games did St Kilda win last year?

In Season 2010, St Kilda won 15 home and away matches. It also lost 6 games and drew one.

Who won the 2010 AFL premiership?

CollingwoodIn 2010, against St. Kilda, Collingwood romped it home in the second Grand final - the replay, replayed due to a drawn first Grand final the previous week.Collingwood beat St Kilda 108-52.

How many Grand Finals have St. Kilda won?

As of the 2010 season, St. Kilda have been in 7 Grand Finals: 1) 1913 - Fitzroy defeated St. Kilda 56-43 2) 1965 - Essendon defeated St. Kilda 105-70 3) 1966 - St. Kilda defeated Collingwood 74-73 4) 1971 - Hawthorn defeated St. Kilda 82-75 5) 1997 - Adelaide defeated St. Kilda comfortably 6) 2009 - Geelong defeated St. Kilda by 2 goals 7) 2010 - Collingwood vs. St. Kilda [as yet - result unknown]

When do Match Attex 2010-2011 come out?

september 30th and there green back answered by dayen smith

When was the last AFL day grand final?

October 2nd 2010. Won by Collingwood over St Kilda.