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Q: Who won the soccer game Portugal vs check?
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How is soccer won?

soccer is won by the team with the most points at the end of the game.

How do soccer teams earn stars?

Each star on soccer teams badges means the number of tens of championships won in their country: i.e. Benfica (Portugal) has three stars because won 31 national championships in Portugal.

Did the AGP won the soccer game?


Who won the game the last time that Brazil versed Portugal?

Brazil won

Who won the Portugal vs Germany soccer game yesterday?

The last Football match between Portugal and Brazil was on September 10, 2013 when Brazil won 3-1 in an International Friendly.

Who won the world cup in a soccer game?


Why would Germany win soccer game over Portugal?

Simply, because Germany have a better team. They are the current world champions, having won the 2014 World Cup Final.

Who won the soccer World Cup the most?

since my favorite team is Portugal guess Portugal won the most do not believe this answer i just like messing around with the Internet

Who won the soccer game Mexico vs Gambia?

Mexico won 3-0 .

How many points do you get for a won game in soccer?

3 points when you win

Did Portugal ever win a soccer championship?

Portugal has won so far 10 official championships, all of them in the youth categories. In seniors, the closest Portugal was to win an official championship, was the European Championship in 2004, where it was one of the finalists.

Who won the soccer game of US vs Panama in the copa oro?