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Q: Who won the silver boot womens soccer 2015?
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Is Spain the shape of a womens boot?

No, Italy has that shape.

What does Italy look like physically?

a womens boot

How do you knuckle a soccer ball?

By the tip of the boot.

What shape is a rugby boot?

Similar to a soccer boot with slightly higher in the ankle area

What is the Best soccer boot for a striker?


What's the difference between soccer cleats and football cleats?

No toe cleat on the soccer boot

What is the best soccer boot in the world?

because is a gold boots

What is the size of the studs of a soccer boot?

10m X 10m

What are this seasons trends in womens winter boots?

Zip ups are a popular boot. Fur lines or fleece lined are popular, with a bit showing out the top of the boot.

What are the most popular trends in womens' boots?

The boot trends vary from region to region. A nice high heel knee high boot is always in style.

Which womens vest looks good with boots?

The Hot Kiss Signature Lips Womens Vest will look great with a pair of boots worn with boot-cut jeans!

What is the average area of a soccer boot?

it is not fixed it depends on player's foot size but in soccer there are some rules for boots