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Manchester United won the Premiership in that season.

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Q: Who won the premership in 1996-1997?
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Who won the premership in 1996?

man utd

Who won the English football premership in 2002?

Arsenal... Man Utd had won the previous 3

How many titles has Chelsea FC won?

2 Premership 1 League

Player who has won champions league uefa cup premership fa cup?


What football team won the most premership titles?

Liverpool and manchesterunited 18 times

Have Liverpool ever won the premership?

They have won the top league title in England 18 times, but haven't won the Premiership title as the Premiership was formed in 1992.

How many premership titles have Chelsea won?

TWO, and that's all they will win, C'mon UTD.

Who won the rugby union premership in 2009?

Leicester Tigers finished 1st in the league table.

How many premership titels have Manchester united won except the first division?

20 Titles

3 Liverpool players who have won premership medals?

Glen Johnson (with Chelsea) is the only one that I can think of.

Which Liverpool managers won premership medals?

chuck norris hitler the annoying orange

How many English premership titles have arsenal won?

, they have won 13 First Division and Premier League titles and a joint record 11 FA Cups.

Average professional soccer salary in America?

Well ...alot if your good like john terry (£100k per week) PREMERSHIP average jermain defoe £40k per week PREMERSHIP bad £10K PREMERSHIP LOWER LEAGUE £100-£1000 PER WEEK

What daytime talk show host was pregnant in 19961997 and again in 2001?

Ricki Lake

How many premership away games has roy hodgson won as a manager?

Shockingly, in 27 away league games in the PL, Uncle Roy has enjoyed just one win: at Bolton in October.

Who gets most pentlies in premership in England?

i think 215

When was st kilda football clubs last premership?


How many German players play in the premership?

too many

What premership players going to African nations cup?


Has les Ferdinand ever scored a penalty kick?

No not in premership

Which premership player has played for 3 different clubs?

Sol Campbell

What role does a football coach do in premership football?

what job description do you need to be a football coach?

What team does Katie price surport?

She doesn't support a team in the premership but she supports England

Did the storm deserve the premership?

no they didnt they went 2million dollars over the sallery cap that is too much

Has sol Campbell scored in every season off the premership?

No, he hasn't scored in every season