Who won the pole volt?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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in the London 2012 Olympic games, Renaud Lavillenie (from France) won gold clearing 5.97 metres. (Olympic record!)

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Q: Who won the pole volt?
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What rules are in pole volt?


What is the difference between single pole and double pole thermostats?

A line thermostat on a 240 volt heater must open both of the supply lines that feed the heater. This is where the double pole thermostat is used. On 120 volt heaters only one hot line needs to be opened to shut the supply off from the source therefore a single pole thermostat is used.

What is the Largest amperage single phase 120 volt breaker made?

6000amps <<>> The above answer must have big lugs to accommodate 6000 amp capacity wire. In my breaker catalogue the largest 120 volt single pole breaker is 70 amps, 277 volt single pole is 150 amps and 347 volt single pole is 100 amps. The 120 volt single pole breaker occupies two opposed slots because of its length.

What is the equipments of standing long jump?

pole volt

Who holds the record for highest pole vault?

Jayden Rivers holds the record for the highest pole volt

How do you convert 208 volt amps to 480 volt amps?

Add another leg of 120 to a three pole breaker.

Can you use a 220 breaker in place of 110 breaker on 110 service?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.Breakers are rated in amperage and by the amount of poles that they have. Your classification of a 220 breaker is described in electrical terminology as a two pole breaker.Choosing the amperage of the two pole breaker depends upon the 220 volt load that it feeds.Two pole breakers for 220 volt loads.Single pole breakers for 120 volt loads.If the service is only 120 volt then every other bus bar in the panel will be energized. If the panel is a 120/240, then every bus bar in the panel will be energized.This is how and why a 240 volt load requires a two pole breaker.To the answer, yes you an use a two pole breaker in a 120 volt service but only one side of the breaker will have voltage on it depending on where it is situated in the panel board.

How do you Cary a pole volt in your car for track n field?

tie it to the roof

Who won the pole position in Indy 500 2011?

Alex Tagliani won the pole position for the 2011 Indianapolis 500.

How can you convert two twelve volt batteries to a 24 volt battery?

They must be wired in series. Use only heavy battery cable. Connect Neg.pole on Batt,A to Pos. pole batt B. Between Pos. pole Batt. A and Neg. pole Batt. B you should have 24V.

How do you know if your single pole is 240 or 120?

A single pole breaker will be 120 volts. But to make 100% sure test it with a volt meter.

How do you install a switch for a 240 volt motor?

Use a DPST - A two pole switch.