Who won the packers game yesterday?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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it wasn't the packers, it was the Arizona Cardinals, they won in overtime on account of the packers quarterback, Aaron rogders fumbling his pass, they won( Arizona) 54-48.

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Q: Who won the packers game yesterday?
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Who won the Lions vs Packers football game today?

Packers won 28-26

What was the score of today's packers and eagles game?

Packers-21-Eagles-10 Packers won

Who won the game today loins or Green Bay Packers?

Green Bay Packers.

Who won yesterday's football game?

the Saints

What was the score of the 1966 Green Bay Packers-Atlanta Falcons game?

The Packers won 56-3.

What was the Packers first game of 2007 season?

The Packers first game of the regular season was played September 9 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Packers won 16-13.

When was the last game the lions won on thanksgiving?

2003 over the packers.

Who won the Green Bay vs Arizona football game?

the superbowl? well so far it is pretty obvious that they are

Did Alabama win the game yesterday?

Yes they did. The won 24 to 20.

Who won packers and broncos Super Bowl?

the winner of the game was the packers 35-10

What is the most points scored by the packers in one game?

57 against the Lions on October 7, 1945. The Packers won 57-21.

What teams have the Packers lost to?

First, the Green Bay Packers traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Packers emerged victorious with a final score of 21-16, Packers. The Packers then traveled south to Atlanta, Georgia, to take on the Atlanta Falcons. The Packers once again emerged victorious, destroying the Falcons 48-21. The Packers then went to Chicago to take on their rival Chicago Bears. The Packers won that game 21-14, to win the NFC Championship Game. On to Arlington, Texas, the Packers went to take on the AFC Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Packers won the game 31-25.