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Real Madrid have won more matches then Barcelona.

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Q: Who won the most matches between real Madrid vs Barcelona?
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Who has the most number of classico between barcelona and real Madrid?

Real madrid (84 times)

Who has the most soccer trophies between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid up to date?

Real Madrid

Who won last 20 games between Real Madrid vs Barcelona?

The most games is won by Barcelona.

Who win the most match between lyon and real Madrid?

Real Madrid have won more matches then Lyon.

What are three cities on the coast of Spain?

The most famous ones are Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, listed from largest to smallest. They are also the three largest cities in Spain.

Which soccer club has the most fans in the world?

It is a close between Real Madrid Barcelona and Manchester United.

In Spain which is the most visited place?

The most popular landmark in Spain is probably the Alhambra Palace in Granada.

What team has won most trophies in last 26 years Real Madrid or Barcelona?


What are the 3 most important cites in Spain?

madrid, barcelona, saville

What team has won most trophies Real Madrid or Barcelona up to present in all competition?

Fc barcelona

When do football matches take place in Spain?

Most games kick off between 7pm (Madrid time) and 11pm (Madrid time) The season runs from August til May.

Most expensive football team in the world?

Probably Barcelona or Real Madrid