Who won the most carling cups?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Manchester United with 14 then man city with 8 and then arsenal with 4 go on man u

Manchester United have only ever won the League Cup four times.

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man u lloser 7 times lol ha ha shut fu

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Q: Who won the most carling cups?
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Which team won most cups in premier leagueteams?

Liverpool fc has won the most carling cups with 7 titles followed by Manchester united with 3 and now title holders.

How many carling cups has arsenal won?


How many Carling cups has Manchester city won?


What cups has Manchester united won?

They have won 25 cups the E.P.L . the F.A cups. Carling cups, Champion League several times over.

What cups has sir Alex Ferguson won a man you?

Carling cup,18 league cups and more!

Who won the carling cup the most times?


Who has the highest carling cups?


How many league cup has bacelona won?

The league cup is also called the Carling cup is played in England. Barcelona have won three champion league cups.

How many times have arsenal won the carling cup?

Arsenal have won the carling cup 102 times

Who has won the carling cup most times?

The league cup (As it is better known) has been won most times by Liverpool (Seven times).

When did Chelsea win their first carling cup?

They won their first Carling cup in 1970.

Who won the 2011 carling cup?