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It was a draw ;) (4-4), Chelsea won 7-5 on aggregate.

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Q: Who won the match of Liverpool vs Chelsea last night?
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How many goals did Liverpool score last night?

Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea ( Liverpool scored at 89th min and 94th min)

Who did Liverpool beat to win champions league last?


When was Chelsea last relegated?

Chelsea was never relegated. arsenal',man.u and Liverpool hes been relegated looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Who has most fans Liverpool or Chelsea?

liverpool, it's simple , liverpool stadium capacity is 45.000 and chelsea stadium is : 42.000, but i will not make stadium capacity be the reason, liverpool fans is has the msot fan as described when liverpool termination with adidas is been described with adidas, that liverpool with adidas is become the most number 3 shirt seller in the world. than look at the trophies. Premier League : Liverpool 18-4 Chelsea Champions League : Liverpool 5-1 Chelsea FA Cup : Liverpool 7-7 Chelsea Carling Cup : Liverpool 8-4 Chelsea Community Shield : Liverpool 15-4 Chelsea Uefa Winner Cup : Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea >Discountinued,Last Winner Lazio: 1999 Uefa Super Cup : Liverpool 3-1 Chelsea Uefa Europa League : Liverpool 3-0 Chelsea With That Trophies Explanation That Make Liverpool Is Greater Than Chelsea That Means Liverpool Is HAD MOST FANS than SH*T TEAM CHELSEA

Last player transferred from Manchester to Liverpool?

The last first team player transferred from Man Utd to Liverpool was Phil Chisnall. He was the centre forward in the first match on Match of the Day but only played a few games for Liverpool.

When was the last time Liverpool won the English league?

Shanif was the hero for Liverpool when they won the cup last night

When was the last time Liverpool won on a monday?

December 26, 2005 was the last time Liverpool FC won a match on a Monday. They defeated Newcastle at home 2 to 0 in match play.

Where was the last Chelsea versus Arsenal match held?

The last Chelsea verses Arsenal match was held in London at the London Derby. These are two local teams that play soccer and have had a long lasting rivalry.

What were the Chelsea Barcelona scores last night?


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last night Lucas (Chelsea's dad) murdered Owen (Libby's dad)

Will Chelsea fc beat man you?

The person who wrote this last is a arshole because you put it down after the match. Chelsea are better anyway!

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His last match was a singles match with Rey Mysterio at Friday Night Smackdown.

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