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Q: Who won the match in 'How McDougal Topped The Score'?
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Ireland rugby match who won today?

In the Ireland-Italy rugby match Ireland won. The score was 46-7.

Who won in 12-09-2009's cricket match between India and Srilanka?

SriLanka won the match by a huge score of 139 runs

Did Pele score 8 goals in one match?

yea, against botafogo. they won 11-0

What was the score for Brazil in 1994?

Final match: Brazil 3 X Italy 2. Game was won on penalty kicks

Who won the carling cup Liverpool or Cardiff?

Liverpool has won Carling cup score of match was Liverpool 2-2 Cardiff and in penalties Liverpool won Liverpool 3-2 Cardiff

What is the highest score in World Cup?

The first round match between Hungary and El Salvador in the 1st Round which Hungary won 10-1 is the highest recorded score in the World Cup finals

Who wins in a match of racquetball and how?

The first team or player to score 21 points (or to score 11 points if the opposing players remain scoreless) wins. A match is won by the first side to win two games.

What is lowest score of pakistan in one day international cricket match vs zimbabwe?

The lowest score by Pakistan in a completed One Day International match against Zimbabwe is 147/3, a game which the Pakistan team won by six innings. The only match in which Pakistan's innings total was lower than this, was a match which finished with no result.

Who won the 1914 World War 1 Christmas football match?

the score was 2-2 on horible histories but the real score i dont know!

Which team has not won single match from group a in world cup 2011?

The country Hondurous did not score a single goal in the 2011 world cup.

What was score in shinty match between kingussie and kyles 15 09 09?

I can't remember the score but i do know that Kingussie defo won! :) Hope i helped! Their semi-final match in the Camanachd Cup was abandoned with Kingussie leading 4 - 1. Kingussie lost the replay.

Who got the highest score in world cup?

The highest number of goals scored in a world cup match is 10-1 in the match between Hungry and El Salnador , Hungry won it 10=1.