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This year Detroit defeated the Chicago 34 to 17 on Thanksgiving day.

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Q: Who won the lions football game today?
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Who won the Lions vs Packers football game today?

Packers won 28-26

Who won the clemson football game today?

who won the cleason game today

What team has never won a Monday Night Football game?


When was the first NFL football game on Thanksgiving broadcast on the radio and what teams played in the game?

The first NFL football game on Thanksgiving was broadcast on the radio in 1934. The teams that played in the game were the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears.

What was the record of the 1981-1982 Lockhart Lions football team?

I may be mistaken but I think 0-10, maybe won a game.

When was the last time bc lions won a game?

the last time BC lions won a game in 2010 was against HAMALITION

What is the subject and the predicate of your football team won the game?

Your football team won the game. Subject: team Predicate: game

What National Football League team has not won a game all season long?

Detroit Lions 0-11-0 Tampa Bay Buccanners 0-16

Has there ever been a 5-4 football score?

Not in recent memory. But a 1970 NFC playoff game was won by the Dallas Cowboys, 5-0, over the Detroit Lions.

The first Thanksgiving Football game was started in 1934 by what teams?

The first Thanksgiving game was between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. 26,000 Detroit fans packed the University of Detroit Stadium, and a coast-to-coast radio audience was listening. But the local fans were disappointed: the Bears won the game 19-16. The Bears edged out the Lions 19-16 The Bears edged out the Lions 19-16

Who won in football game in 2010?


Who won yesterday's football game?

the Saints