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LSU won!

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Q: Who won the last time Lsu played Iowa in football?
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Who won the last time Iowa and lsu played football?

Iowa beat lsu tigers in the Capitol one bowl ,by the way lsu tiger fans we are the 1958 national champs! We have the hardware in the trophy case you do not! Wanna argue then who won the last time Iowa and Lsu played? Drew Tate to Warren hollaway! Oh that had to hurt.every one else

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What is the record in football between Iowa Hawkeyes and UNI Panthers?

Through the 2008 season, Iowa leads the all time series against Northern Iowa, 13-1. Northern Iowa's only win came in the first game of the series, played in 1898.

When was last time Iowa beat Iowa state?

2010 Iowa 35 ISU 7

When was the last time Illinois played Oklahoma in football?

Oklahoma and Illinois have met one time in college football. That was in 1917 and Illinois won 44-0.

When was the last time Iowa state beat Iowa?

The last time Iowa State won in Lincoln, Earle Bruce coached the Cyclones to a 24-21 win in 1977.

When was the last time Florida played at Kentucky in football after october 1st?

The last time was October 20, 2007 with Florida winning 45-37.

What is Michigan state vs Iowa all time football record?

Iowa leads the series 21-18 with 2 ties

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What is Iowa's all-time record vs Michigan State in football?

21-18-2 in Iowa's favor as of 10/24/2010.