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The last match was won by Holland 2:0

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Q: Who won the last match between Holland and Spain?
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Who won the FIFA World Cup game between Germany and Spain on 7th June 2010?

The result of the semi-final match between Germany and Spain was a 1-0 victory for Spain - the scorer was Carles Puyol, in the 73rd minute.

What is an end of an Era match mean?

that's last match between 2 rivals

When did real Madrid last win in Germany champions league match?

Real Madrid is in Spain not Germany.

Who was the last game against in the 2010 soccer world cup?

In the final of the 2010 world cup Spain defeated Holland 1-0.

Where does the last name avina come from?

From the border between spain and france

Who bowled last over of inauguaral T20 championship?

The last over of the inaugural t20 championship was bowled by Johinder Sharma. The last match was between India and Pakistan. in that match misba was the batsman and the team needed 13 runs.Johinder cleverly bowled and won the match for India.

By how much did England win their latest cricket match?

The Last Cricket Match won by England took place during December 5-9th, and was played against India. England won the match by seven wickets. The Last match between England and India ended in a draw.

Who won the match between undertaker and Kane at night of champions?

Kane did but Undertaker almost had him if Kane didn't turn the match around at the last min.

Where does a last name come from in Puerto Rico that is not Hispanic?

People in Puerto Rico are from Spain, Africa, Caribbean, France, Italy, England, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Palestine, China and US.

Who won the last match-up between the Washington Redskins and the Tennessee Titans?

In their latest match-up, the Washington Redskinsdefeated the Tennessee Titans, 19-16 in overtime. They last played on November 21, 2010.

How long does an adult match last in soccer?

A soccer match consists of two 45-minute periods, which are called halves, with a 15-minute break in between.

What ethnicity is the last name willem?

So far as I know it goes all the way back to Spain. Willem however is a very popular name in Holland as it is the name of the first prince if Holland after the Spanish lost control of it. Willem 2 is also the name of a dutch cigar brand.