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Q: Who won the last Cricket World Cup for 50 Over Cricket?
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When was last cricket world cup?


How many matches did Australia win in cricket world cup history till the last cricket world cup?


Where last world cup cricket held?


Who won the last cricket world cup?


Who bowled the last ball of 2011 cricket world cup?

the malinga bowled the last ball in the 2011 world cup

Who won last woman cricket world cup?


When and where was the last world cup cricket 2011 held?

it was in Bangladesh

Who is the winner of last man world cup cricket?


Where was the last Cricket world cup held in 2007?

west indies hosted the 2007 edition of the world cup it was won by the australian cricket team

Where was the twenty20 cricket world cup?

the last world cup was i n sri lanka in year 2013

Where was the last world cup cricket held?

World Cup 2007 was held in West Indies.

Who was the South African cricketer who hit six sixes in an over against Holland in the last cricket World Cup?

hershchelle gibbs