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USA in the 3rd game

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Q: Who won the gold medal for mens beach volleyball in 2008 Olympics?
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Which country won the Silver medal in Women's Beach Volleyball for the 2008 Olympics?

In the 2008 Summer Olympics, China won the silver medal for Women's Beach Volleyball.

Which country won the Gold medal in Womens Beach Volleyball for the Olympics 2008?


What country won the gold medal in mens beach volleyball?

Following the 2008 Olympics: Men's: USA Women's: USA

How many medals has Todd Rogers the volleyball player won?

The 2008 Games was Todd Rogers first Olympics. The gold he won with Phil Dalhausser in men's beach volleyball was his first and only Olympic medal.

What medal did the us win for women's indoor volleyball at the 2008 Olympics?

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Who are the players in the Australian women's volleyball team in the 2008 Summer Olympics?

The players on the Australian women's beach volleyball team at the 2008 Olympics are Tamsin Barnett and Natalie Cook. Barnett was on the indoor volleyball team at the 2000 Olympics. Cook is a veteran, having won the Gold at the 2004 games and Bronze at the 2000 games in beach volleyball. Source:

When was the last time Russia won a silver medal at the Olympics in the beach volly ball division?

Russia has never won an Olympic medal in beach volleyball. They have competed in beach volleyball at two Olympic Games. At the 2000 Games in Sydney, the men's team finished 9th and at the 2008 Games in Beijing, the men's team finished 9th and the women's team finished 19th.

Who was an American olympic gold medalist for volleyball in 2008?

Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh took home the gold in women's beach volleyball in the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

What are three athletes names that play volleyball in the olympic games?

Phil Dalhausser, Todd Rogers, Sean Rosenthal are all male beach volleyball players who played in the 2008 Olympics. Misty May-Treanor, Kerri Walsh, and Elaine Youngs are all female beach volleyball players who played in the 2008 Olympics.

How many gold medals have Australia won in volley ball?

As of the 2008 Games, Australia has won one gold medal in beach volleyball and no gold medals in indoor volleyball. The gold came in 2000 by the women's team of Natalie Cook and Kerri Pottharst. Australia has also won a bronze medal in beach volleyball. That came in 1996 by the team of Natalie Cook and Kerri Pottharst in the women's event. Australia's indoor volleyball team has never medalled at the Olympics.

Who won the womans gold medal in beach volleyball atbthe 2008 Olympics?

Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor defeated Tian Jia and Wang Jie in straight sets, 21-18 21-18

What medals did misty may treanor win?

She won the gold medal in women's beach volleyball in Athens in 2004 and in Beijing in 2008.

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