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The US women's soccer team won the gold medal in the first ever women's soccer event.

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Q: Who won the gold in the women's soccer debut at the 1996 Summer Olympics?
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What sport made its debut at the 2012 summer Olympics held in London?

womens boxing

When was the first admitted of soccer in olympic game?

Football made its debut at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris.

At what summer Olympics did equestrian debut in?

1912 Summer Games in Stockholm.

At which Olympics did the Olympics Rings debut?

The olympic rings debuted at the 1920 summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium.

In what year did football become an Olympic sport?

1900 was the first year that saw men's football (soccer) being played at the Olympics. To date, the Olympics in 1896 and 1932 are the only ones in which it has not appeared. Women's football made it's debut at the Olympics in 1996.Soccer became an Olympic event in 1888. if u dont believe me go to's debut in the Summer Olympics was in 1900 at the Games in Paris .Soccer has been introduced to olympics since ancient times.In 1900 at Paris. Great Britain, France and Belgium were the only competitors with Great Britain defeating France for the gold medal.

Who won the baseball gold in its debut at the 1992 Summer Olympics?


What three sports made their debut at the 2009 summer Olympic Games?

There were no Summer Olympics held in the year 2009.

When did soccer become part of the Olympics?

In 1900 it became a demonstration sport in the Olympics, but it became a medal sport in 1908.

At which Olympics did American basketball's 'dream team' make its debut?

1992 Summer Games in Barcelona.

Is 2012 the debut for womens boxing?


What new womens team sport was played on sand at the 1996 summer games?

Beach volleyball made its debut at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

When did softball make its debut at the Olympics?