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Liverpool won 3-1.

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Q: Who won the game today for Manchester United and Liverpool?
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Who won the football game Manchester united vs Liverpool?

The game finished: Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool

When is the football game man you v Liverpool?

The game between Liverpool and Manchester United will kick off on Sunday 14.00 GMT.

Will Manchester united loose the premership?

Manchester United can still slip up as they have only one point more then Liverpool, but the good point is that Manchester United have a game in hand.

Today's game who will win Manchester United vs Everton?

Manchester United will win. I predict the game will end out 1 - 0.

What was the score of the last game Manchester city played Manchester united?

3-2 to manchester united

When was Manchester United - video game series - created?

Manchester United - video game series - was created in 1990.

When did Manchester United - video game series - happen?

Manchester United - video game series - happened in 2004.

What were popular sports in the UK?

Football or Soccer is the most popular game in UK. Premiere leagueâ??s most famous league is Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal.

Who were the runners up in the FA Cups between 1990 - 1999?

1990: Manchester United 1-0 Crystal Palace In A Replay ( The First Game Finished 3-3)1991: Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Nottingham Forest1992: Liverpool 2-0 Sunderland1993: Arsenal 2-1 Sheffield Wednesday In A Replay ( The First Game Finished 1-1)1994: Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea1995: Everton 1-0 Manchester United1996: Liverpool 0-1 Manchester United1997: Chelsea 2-0 Middlesborough1998: Arsenal 2-0 Newcastle United1999: Manchester United 2-0 Newcastle United

What channel is the Manchester United game on tonight?


What was the score between Manchester United and Fulham on 25th August 2012?

Manchester United won the game 3-2.

Where can you find a Manchester United game schedule?

You can have a look at Manchester United's official website: They have downloadable wallpapers of the schedule.

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