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Damon Bradshaw in Airforce After Burner with a score of 36

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Grave Digger, driven by Dennis Anderson.

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Q: Who won the freestyle in monster jam world finals 10?
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What year was the first monster jam world finals?


When was monster jam freestyle made?

Freestyle of monster jam was made by the legendary Dennis Anderson and the Grave Digger.

What is monster-jam?

Monster jam is a tv show that monster trucks race and freestyle.

When is the world finals of monster jam for 2011?

March 25th-26th (friday saturday)

How do you unlock monster jam world finals on ds?

you must complete all world series events

Who invented monster jam freestyle?

Dennis Anderson

Who was the fastest quilifier at the world finals of monster jam in 2011?

Dennis Anderson in Grave Digger was the Fastest in 2011

What was the badest crash in monster jam?

There r many bad crashes but one of the worst was wjen the truck went into the stands in world finals 10.

Is there a hack for all monster trucks on monster jam urban assault?

Monster Jam: Urban Assault doesn't have any cheats. In order to unlock the vehicles you have to unlock them.How to UnlockThe Destroyer - 10,000 PointsBlacksmith - 50,000 PointsEl Toro Loco - 70,000 PointsSuzuki - 110,000 PointsMaximum Destruction - 235,000 PointsIron Outlaw - Complete South-East (all 1st place)Pastrana 199 - Complete CoastalGrave Differ 25th Anniversery - 1st place in world finals racing & freestyle

In monster jam what do they do if there is a tie in freestyle?

I believe they let the fans vote. I've seen it on TV a few times, but I'm not quite sure.

Who is the 7 world champion in monster jam?

grave digger

What are the ratings and certificates for Camp Rock Freestyle Jam - 2008 TV?

Camp Rock Freestyle Jam - 2008 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G