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This year it was the Aggies

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Q: Who won the football game between tx and aggies?
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Who is better tx longhorns or nmsu aggies?

Well, if your talking football, the LONGHORNS!! The Aggies suck cuz they havent won a game in like forever!

Who won the football game between hobbs nm and alamogordo nm?


Who won first South Carolina versus Clemson football game?

The first football game between South Carolina and Clemson was played in 1896. South Carolina won 12-6.

Who won the last football game between southern miss and ms state?

your mother

What is the subject and the predicate of your football team won the game?

Your football team won the game. Subject: team Predicate: game

Who won the 1975 football game between Boston college and the university of Texas?

Boston college won in 1976 13 - 14

Who won the clemson football game today?

who won the cleason game today

Who won the football match between Argentina and Nigeria in the 2010 fifa football world cup competition in south Africa?

Argentina won the game. Argentina 1 - 0 Nigeria.

Who won the football game between Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles Saturday night?

The Dallas Cowboys won 34-14.

Who won the 1994 auburn vs lsu football game?

The game played September 17, 1994 between Auburn and LSU was won by Auburn by the score of 30-26.

Who won the 1971 football game between southern miss and Ole Miss?

Ole Miss...20 - 6

Who won the 1984 Army Navy football game?

Army won the game 23-11.