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The Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Cheifs by a score of 35-10. The Green Bay Packers also won the superbowl the following year, but this time against the Oakland Raiders, and the Packers won 33-14.

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Q: Who won the first superbowl?
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How old was Tom Brady when he won his second and third Super Bowls?

Tom Brady was born on August 3, 1977. He was 24 when he won his first Superbowl (Superbowl XXXVI) in February 2002, and 26 when he won his second Superbowl (Superbowl XXXVIII) in February 2004. Both of which he played for the Patriots.

What quarterback in his first two season won a Super Bowl?

what quarterback in his first two seasons won a superbowl

Have the Houston oilers won a Super Bowl?

Houston Oilers never won a SuperBowl while in Houston. In 2000, as the Tennessee Titans, they appeared in their first SuperBowl and lost.

Have the Carolina Panthers ever won a superbowl?

No, the Carolina Panthers have never won the Superbowl. However they did appear in Superbowl XXXVIII in Houston Texas. No, the Carolina Panthers haven't won a superbowl. They've appeared in a Superbowl, but didn't win it.

How many Superbowl's have the patriots won?

the new england patriots have won 1 superbowl

Have Buffalo Bills won the Super Bowl?

No they have not won the Superbowl yet, there are currently 0-4 in the Superbowl.

Last time patriots won superbowl?

the last time the patriots won the superbowl was in the 2001 season :)

Which team was the first to win the Super Bowl in an indoor stadium?

The Dallas Cowboys. The won Superbowl XII in 1978 at the Superdome in Louisiana, the first Superbowl played in an indoor stadium.

How many times have the ravens won the superbowl?

They have won one superbowl so far superbowl XXXV (34-7) against the New York Giants.

Have the chiefs ever gone to the super bowl?

Yes, they went to Superbowl I and Superbowl IV. They lost Superbowl I and won Superbowl IV.

What team won superbowl in 2009?

The Pittsburgh Steelers won superbowl XLIII of the 2008 season in February 2009.

Which superbowl did the San Francisco 49ers win their first championship?

They won their first championship at Superbowl XVI ( 16 ) on Jan. 24, 1982. They defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 26-21.

Who won the superbowl?


Who won superbowl 1 and who did they defeat?

Packers won.

Last time the New York Jets won a Super Bowl?

Superbowl 3 is the last superbowl the Jets won!

How many times have the ravens been to the superbowl?

They have been to the superbowl once and won.

Did the Atlanta Falcons ever win a superbowl?

no, theyve never won a superbowl

When was the last time the ravens won the superbowl?

Superbowl XXXV 2000-2001

Who was the first NFL team to win the first Super Bowl?

The Greenbay PACKERS they won first and seccond Superbowl first they beat the cubs

What year did the lions win the Super Bowl?

Lions have never won a Superbowl but they won the NFL championship before it was called the Superbowl.

How many super bowl has eagles won?

They have yet to win a superbowl. But have won a world championship. Which were called that before the term superbowl.

Who won 81-82 superbowl?

In 81-82 Superbowl, SF vs. CIN played, where SF won 26-21.

Who won the 2016 superbowl?

The Denver Broncos won the 2016 SuperBowl. They beat the Carolina Panthers by 24 points to 10 points.

Who won the Superbowl 2013?


Who won 2001 superbowl?