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The first professional game was won by the Fort Wayne Kekiongas who defeated the Cleveland Forest Citys 2-0 on May 4, 1871.

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Q: Who won the first baseball game?
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What team won baseball's first official baseball game?

Cincinnati. Reds

Who won the first baseball game in the MLB?

Not the team that lost

What pitcher won the first playoff game in baseball's American League?

The answer is "Gene Bearden."

Who won the first ever game at PNC Park?

The first official baseball game played in PNC Park was between the Cincinnati Reds and the Pirates, on April 9, 2001. The Reds won the game in the final.

Who won the baseball game?

The first professional game was won by the Fort Wayne Kekiongas who defeated the Cleveland Forest Citys 2-0 on May 4, 1871.

Where was the world's first professional baseball game played?

The first professional baseball game was played on May 4, 1871 in Fort Wayne, Indiana between the Fort Wayne Kekiongas and the Cleveland Forest Citys. Fort Wayne won the game 2-0. Click on the 'First Pro Baseball Game' link on this page to read an account of the game.

Who won the first game of baseball?

First recorded: the New Yorks defeat the New York Knickerbockers 23-1 in 4 innings.

Who won the first college football game?

New Brunswick, N.J. Rutgers won that first game, 6-4.

When was Serena Williams first game?

It was in 2003 that is when she won her first game ever..

When was the first baseball game played?

Alexander Cartwright Invented Baseball and Played in the First Game.

When was the first game of baseball?

The first recorded game of baseball was in 1846, Hoboken, New Jersey

Did Tom Brady win his first game?

yes he won the first game he started

Who won the first x-games event?

Scotty Lago won the first X Game

Who won the first Bell Game?


Who won the baseball all star game?

The National League

How did you score an 1800s baseball game?

In the 1800s, a baseball game was won by the team that scored 21 aces first. This way was done until the scoring was replaced by nine innings. Innings were introduced in 1920.

Are there any Major League Baseball players that won their first world series in their last game?

One was Darren Daulton. He played first base for the Florida Marlins in his final ever MLB game, Game 7 of the 1997 World Series. The Marlins won Game 7 by the score of 3-2.

Who won the first Army Navy football game?

The first Army-Navy game was played in 1890 and won by Navy 24-0.

Who won the first WNBA game?

The first WNBA game was the New York Liberty against the Los Angeles Sparks... the Liberty won.

Where was the first baseball game located?

I think the first baseball game was located in Cooperstown, New York

When was the first Atlanta Braves game that they won and what day?

April 5, 1966 Was The First Game And There 3rd Game

Who won the first NFL game?

First NFL Game WinnersThe first NFL game was played on October 3, 1920 between the Dayton Triangles and the Columbus Panhandles. Dayton won the game 14-0.

When and where was the first baseball game played and who played in it who won the game?

Impossible to know, as the game we now call baseball evolved from the English game of rounders and the American game of town ball. No record exists of when, exactly, the game we now know as 'baseball,' as opposed to some other game, was first played. The story that it was done by Abner Doubleday in 1836 was an obvious hoax, of no more historic interest than Piltdown Man.

What team won the first night football game ever played?

The first game was between the Rutgers and Princeton. The Rutgers won 6-4.

Who won the first ever football game?